A Notification to Clients and Suppliers of TWS about the COVID-19 in Guangzhou

Dear Clients and Suppliers of TWS,

Thanks for your care and trust in TWS. As the COVID-19 virus has continued to spread globally, Guangzhou CDC have recently reported a number of newly confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections. The local epidemic ushered in a second round of small rebounds.

Currently, apart from some areas under lockdown or restricted administration, strict health administration will be implemented across all other Huangpu District areas. TWS Guangzhou factory is remaining in Low-Risk areas and operating normally with no effected.

In TWS, scientific epidemic prevention and control measures are carrying out in order.

  1. Organize employee get vaccinated. As of June 1, at least 93% of TWS employees have been vaccinated the first dose, and we will organize a second dose of vaccine in late June. We trust widespread vaccinations are a critical tool to achieve herd immunity.

  2. Organize nucleic acid test. The employees in the dormitory have 100% completed the nucleic acid test and 100% are negative; all new recruits require a negative nucleic acid result and green health code.

  3. Implement government control and prevention policies. HR admin and EHS team are tracing the fever or cough employee, conducting COVID-19 tests and disinfecting key areas within the factory. We had postponed or cancel large-scale events and suspend non-essential group activities. Be cautious that invite clients or suppliers to our campus. Training or activities gatherings must be limited to 10 people. Encourage employees to work remotely as a precaution. Health code check at entrance and exit.

  4. Require employees to do personal protection. Stay safe by taking some guide precautions, such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, keeping dormitory or meeting rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, and washing hands. Pay attention to food safety and employee health surveillance.

The customers and suppliers have always been important of our TWS, and we have always prioritized your health and safety. we now urge you to take the following action: If not necessary, please avoid having business trips in Guangzhou.  We will inform you once the travel situation is changed and Guangzhou's risk level is adjusted to 'low'. 

We look forward to working with all clients and suppliers to tide over the difficulties, safeguard the common health and well-being of all, to win the battle against COVID-19.

TWS Technology

June 16,2021

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